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German artist wants you to roll around in de_dust


When the Germans do something, they do it right -- or, at least big. German artist Aram Bartholl has created a slew of projects inspired by gaming and the Internet, but his largest is a 1:1 scale model of the classic Counter Strike map, Dust, that Bartholl wants installed as a large-scale public sculpture.

Bartholl plans to make the entire map out of concrete, with parts of it preserved in uncolored and untexturized abstract glory to "represent a petrified moment of cultural game space heritage." Bartholl is currently petitioning for $5500 in government funds to create the first stage of Dust, a 1:100 scale model of the map, and is scheduled to begin public promotion of the full project this fall. The video shows Bartholl's mini-mini-scale model of the map, and while that one may not be big, it is certainly done right.

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