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Apple iPhone 4 prototype appears on eBay


A rare iPhone 4 prototype has landed on eBay. The device is being offered by a mobile phone repair person who reportedly bought the phone from a customer. The phone does not work and was bought for parts only.

The seller tried to activate the handset and was unable to do so through iTunes. It also would not work with a valid AT&T SIM card. A search of an IMEI database revels the iPhone is a testing model. It lacks the + and - on the volume buttons and has identification numbers etched into the front and back of the handset.

Right now, the phone is selling for a little over $2000 on the morning of July 4th but the price is fluctuating. Bids on the phone skyrocketed over US$78,000 yesterday, but most of those bids were from suspect accounts and deleted by the seller. Right now, the handset is back up to $1 million with the highest bids from buyers with 0-3 feedback. This price may drop back down when the seller returns from the 4th of July festivities and does some house cleaning.

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