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iPad grabs 1% of global browser share, 25% of US mobile browsing


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Not surprisingly, recent statistics from New Applications, a web analytics firm, show that many people are using their iPad to browse the web. The iPad now accounts for 1% of the global web browser market and 2% in the US. This number has steadily increased since the original iPad debuted in early 2010.

In the US mobile browser market, the iPad grabs a respectable 25.5% which trails the iPhone (35.2%) and Android devices (31.6%). Together, the iPhone and iPad grab almost two-thirds of the US mobile browser market (60.7%). This figure is twice almost twice as much as Android's share and more that eight times greater than Blackberry's 6.9% share. Symbian, Windows Mobile and webOS account for less than 0.5% each, which is a mere speck on the radar.

[Via The Register]

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