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Ex-Clancy talents create new studio: The Game Bakers


The Game Bakers is a new French studio created by two folks from the Ubisoft talent pool. Emeric Thoa, former Worldwide Director of Conception for Ubisoft, who had roles in designing Rayman Raving Rabbids, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Splinter Cell Double Agent, will handle the creative impetus. Audrey Leprince, a seasoned producer who most recently worked on Tom Clancy's EndWar, will deal with operations.

Thoa is looking to develop games that feel something like "PopCap meets Nintendo." The studio's first game, Squids, is an adventure game where players recruit a "team of misfit squid to banish the Black Ooze from the seas." The game is expected for mobile, PC and Mac this fall, with a beta planned for this summer.

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