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Metal Max 2 being remade for DS


RPGs that have no chance of being localized are the hot new thing for Nintendo fans, right? Well, this one's very unlikely to make it over. Metal Max 2 was originally released on Super Famicom by Data East, and is now being ported to DS. The post-apocalyptic mech RPG is being remade in the style of Metal Max 3, its DS sequel ... which was never released here. The new version is called Metal Max 2 Reloaded, according to Famitsu leaks.

You might actually be familiar with the series: one of the games, a PS2 entry, was localized by Atlus as Metal Saga. All of the games are open-ended, mission-based RPGs, in which players choose missions to complete in the order of their choice, as a team of mechanics, soldiers, bounty hunters, and robodogs.

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