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Snail Games' The Chosen launches today


Snail Games' latest free-to-play MMORPG The Chosen has gone live, and we have a smattering of screenshots and a gameplay trailer to whet your appetites. The Chosen is set in a fantastic version of ancient China, where the human empires stand in the middle of a war between the Light World and Dark World.

Players take the role of one of six classes, each with their own signature weapon, and then join up with one of five factions to do battle with the diabolical Dark World. The game boasts seven different battle systems which cover PvE, PvP, and everything in between. Players can also train and raise animal companions to fight by their sides as well as build a family with other players, which provides unique in-game benefits. Check the gallery below for some nifty screenshots of the game, and jump past the cut for the game's launch trailer. If those pique your interest, you can get started with the game at the official site.

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