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Steve Jobs biography gets new title: 'Steve Jobs'


"iSteve: The Book of Jobs" was the title originally ascribed to the very first authorized biography of Apple's head honcho, written and put together by Walter Isaacson. But according to CNNMoney, the title has changed. While the book's Amazon page now lists the title as the much more tame, "Steve Jobs: A Biography," apparently it's even simpler than that. The book, which comes out next March, will just be called "Steve Jobs."

Makes sense, but where's the verve and vim? It could be the publisher wanted something a little more official-sounding, especially since there's another popular biography that already uses the "i-" prefix in a witty way. Plus, they may have wanted a title that really plays on the "authorized" part; since this is the first book to cover Jobs with his approval, putting his name front and center will help do just that.

Either way, at least you know what to look for when the book hits the shelves. It may seem a ways off, but the title is already sneaking into Amazon's best-seller lists, so it'll probably be plenty big.

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