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Toshiba Thrive tablet on display at Best Buy, possibly on sale too?

Joe Pollicino

Yes, what you're looking at is a shackled Toshiba Thrive tablet out in the wild at Best Buy -- not just waiting caged in a cardboard confine in some dreary stockroom. Though the device most likely won't ship until July 10th, "Dandroid" over at Toshiba Thrive Forums is reporting that his local Austin, Texas location is evidently neglecting that memo. The store apparently has several 16GB and 32GB WiFi models ready to fly off the shelves for $480 and $580, but we won't hold our breath until we see a proper YouTube unboxing. Still, it may be worth a detour on the way home if you're feeling lucky or just can't wait any longer to inspect those full-sized ports.

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