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Nyko Zoom blows up your Kinect space on Aug. 23


Whether it's due to an unspoken social fragility, or simply a disdain for your odorous pit stains, the Kinect simply doesn't want you anywhere near its personal space. Most of you don't mind backing off, but even the most spartan living room might not allow for enough distance between bodies and the motion-sensing eye. (In fact, most spartan living rooms see players plummeting into a paved, cylindrical abyss after they take a step back.)

Enter: Nyko Zoom. Launching on August 23 for $30, Nyko's clip-on lens claims to enable Kinect games within 40% less space, essentially fooling the sensor into thinking you're way over there when you're RIGHT HERE. Joystiq's got quite a few cramped gaming caves between its writers, so we'll be testing the Zoom's big talk as soon as we get our hands on some hardware.

It's weird to think that amongst all the silly Kinect bits and bobs (including those that physically bob), we might finally find some use in the one that turns the camera into Mr. Magoo, cosplaying as Sam Fisher.

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