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Powersets are spreading the love in City of Heroes

Eliot Lefebvre

With new powersets on deck for Issue 21 of City of Heroes, you might have reasonably assumed that there wouldn't be anything more to see in the powers department. But as the newest issue of the Intrepid Informer makes clear, you won't just have brand-new powers to kick around when City of Heroes Freedom launches. You'll also be able to play around with powers that are new to each archetype, with the newest round of powerset proliferation hitting the game at the same time.

Aside from Dominators, every archetype is getting at least one new power set, ranging from the melee options that were always odd omissions (such as War Mace for Scrappers and Broad Sword for Brutes and Tankers) to sets that had previously been confined to a single archetype (Ice Armor for Stalkers, Poison for Corruptors). City of Heroes players looking to play a new flavor of an old favorite should take a look at the full rundown of upcoming proliferations, as it promises a lot of new options even without the new stuff.

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