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ASTA showing off its CryEngine3 visuals at Gamescom

Jef Reahard

If you were fortunate enough to attend this year's GDC, it's possible you caught a glimpse of ASTA, the new fantasy MMO from NHN. The title, formerly known as Project E:st, is powered by the CryEngine3 and boasts some of the more impressive visuals in the MMO space.

Assuming you can make it to Cologne, Germany, for this year's Gamescom (August 17th through the 21st), you'll get another opportunity to see ASTA in action since NHN will be offering visitors "a first look at the captivating world [...] as well as the opportunity to chat with the developers and learn more about character development, guild evolution, competitive play, and many other features," according to a new press release.

ASTA is being developed by Polygon Games (which includes a core group of designers who previously worked on Rohan: Blood Feud), and it takes place in a world inspired by Asian myth. Gameplay elements include realm vs. realm, PvE questing, raids, and crafting.

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