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'Dragon Age 2: Legacy' DLC due on July 26


Having become intimately acquainted with every dreary lane, dank cave and fragment of mortar in Kirkwall, you're surely entitled to a vacation in Dragon Age 2's first downloadable add-on -- even if it's necessarily perilous. On July 26, EA and BioWare will invite you and your heroic Hawke to the Vimmark Mountains, a new locale that grounds the story of Dragon Age 2: Legacy.

"Leave Kirkwall," the announcement commands, as you explore to a prison constructed by the Grey Wardens and foil a criminal cartel that's taken a keen, violent interest in the Hawke family's lineage. The ascent into "several new locations" also leads to Darkspawn enemies, a new class-specific weapon, more achievements and the opportunity to come "face-to-face with an ancient horror." (Well, at least it has a face.)

According to BioWare, Legacy is playable from any point in the Dragon Age 2 campaign. It will cost $10 on PlayStation 3, and 800 points on Xbox 360, PC and Mac.

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