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IK Multimedia's iKlip goes MINI


For iPad-toting musicians, there's no better solution for attaching their favorite tablet to a standard microphone stand than the iKlip from IK Multimedia. Now the company has developed a Mini-Me companion to the iKlip, not surprisingly named the iKlip MINI.

The US$39.99 iKlip MINI works with or without the accessory iRig or iRig Mic to bring a no-hands solution to musicians using iPhones. With an included detachable bracket, the iRig can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on the iKlip MINI for use with AmpliTube or other guitar effects apps.

As with the original iKlip, the MINI is made of thermoplastic to hold your iPhone or iPod touch without scratching it. While connected to any microphone stand, pole or tripod with a diameter of 11 to 20 mm, the MINI provides accessibility to all controls and connectors on the iPhone and also has a clear view for snapping photos or taking video of your audience with the iPhone's camera.

IK Multimedia is currently taking pre-orders for the iKlip MINI and expects the devices to ship in August of 2011.

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