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Plush camera lens pillows get you through the night, koala hug approved


Here's something you can curl up with after those long winter... photoshoots? Straight out of the there's something for everyone department comes a trio of plush toy camera lenses -- in Nikon 35mm, Canon 50mm and 24-105mm varieties -- for even the most discerning leisure connoisseur. These hand-crafted part fleece, part felt creations are the fruits of Plushtography's shutterbug-obsessed labor and come "pre-hugged by a team of koalas to ensure maximum huggability" -- we guess Olivia Newton-John was busy. The pillows range from amateur to expert, in keeping with their lens type and could lighten your wallet to the tune of $35 - $65 smackeroos. These lenses won't imbue you with any magical pro-photographic skill, but they should prove to be an interesting bedroom conversation piece.

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