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Tibia summer update features new world quests, tutorial

Jef Reahard

Quick, name a few of the world's oldest MMORPGs! Now, name a couple that are still running. Chances are most of you chimed in with Ultima Online, EverQuest, or maybe even Meridian 59. You're correct of course, but there's another title that released in 1997 that's still going today.

That title is Tibia, and the 2-D fantasy game from CipSoft GmbH has just announced a world-changing summer update. World quests are "highly complex missions which can only be accomplished if dozens or even hundreds of Tibia players cooperate," according to a new press release.

The new quests add another level to Tibia's conflict-driven dynamic that sees players and guilds war with one another for years at a time, as the battlefield will now extend further into the open world and likely result in competition for quest objectives. Tibia is also offering a new quest line for newbs. The comprehensive tutorial series leads new players through various gameplay tasks and offers a concise yet thorough introduction to one of the genre's longest-running titles.

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