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Dev Juice: Help me set up a multiperson dev team


Dear Dev Juice,

We have a 3 man dev team with the iOS developer program (as a small company plan) and we are getting ready to move up to Xcode 4 once Lion is out to the public and the have a stable sdk.

What is the best way to set all of our systems so we can each build for adhoc distribution instead of just one of us being able to?

Thanks, Brandon

Dear Brandon,

You can easily build for Ad Hoc on more than one machine at a time. Just export your developer provisions and certificates from Xcode's organizer.

Click Export Developer Profile, enter a password that you will remember and verify that password. Save the file to a convenient location such as the desktop.

You will generally have to enter an administrator password during the process to allow Xcode to access your local keychain. Once created, you can transfer this profile file to another Macintosh system and import it through the same Xcode organizer screen. You will be prompted for the password.

Once imported, just do the same build-and-archive, sign-with-the-ad-hoc-provision building of IPAs on the remote installations that you would do at your home system.

Happy Developing!

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