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Exciting contests from gPotato celebrate launch of Uncharted Waters Online

Matt Daniel , @MVMatt

The folks at gPotato want you to hit the high seas! Their newest game, Uncharted Waters Online, puts players in the role of a 15th century sailor under the flag of one of six nations -- England, the Dutch Republic, France, the Spanish Empire, Portugal, or the Republic of Venice -- and allows them to trade, explore, and battle to their hearts' content.

To promote the launch of this unique new game, gPotato is running a series of contests with some serious swag as the prize. The first is a race to level 80, with the first three players to do so receiving an iPad2. The second contest calls for players to write a review or guide on Uncharted Waters Online. The five best will received a Nintendo 3DS. So if you wanna put your MMO skills to good use, head on over to the official site to sign up!

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