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New Final Fantasy XIV producer's letter announces the next patch date

Eliot Lefebvre

Naoki Yoshida is many things, but a man of brevity is not usually among his qualities. Most of his letters to the Final Fantasy XIV community are quite long, with a great deal of information contained therein. But the most recent producer's letter is a departure from form, with only one real substantial piece of information -- the release date for patch 1.18. However, considering that the patch will usher in new combat mechanics, new content, and large overhauls to the game's content development, it's the sort of thing that can speak for itself.

According to Yoshida, the patch is scheduled for July 21st, with only some testing on the upcoming instanced raids to be completed. (As he puts it, the team is opting for "raid" rather than "dungeon" just because you can raid something that isn't quite a dungeon in structure.) There may be a slight change in either direction by a couple days, but Final Fantasy XIV fans will be happy to have a target date for this large patch.

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