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The Old Republic maps out success


The BioWare developers have always talked about polish and immersion when designing Star Wars: The Old Republic. They have described some of the challenges of perfecting the game in their many developer blogs. Everything from art design to combat has been discussed. In the center of it all are the game testing metrics that everyone from Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller to Community Manager Stephen Reid have talked about. What do the metrics tell us is the most important part of the SWTOR user interface? Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert tells us in the latest dev blog:
When Georg told the design team that maps were the most-opened part of the user interface in the game, our map specialists just nodded in understanding. They already knew that being able to find your way around the world was going to be hugely important to our success. Thanks largely to the enduring efforts of those on the map team who believe passionately in the importance of what they are doing, our maps system are a core, essential part of the adventuring experience in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Schubert tells us the details of making a proper map should not only be esthetically pleasing but dynamically help the player move about the complex environments of The Old Republic. Check out everything else Schubert has to say in the blog on the official site.

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