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CBS considering a 3D cable network?


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So far the broadcast networks have been reticent to do anything when it comes to 3D, a bummer if you want to watch any of the content a network like CBS has locked up (pro football, NCAA Tournament games, prime time TV shows) in 3D on your new 3D TV. However, Multichannel News sources indicate CBS is considering a 24-hour pay-TV network that would air 2D-to-3D converted programming. Reportedly it's working with conversion technology from DDD, but another executive claimed everything was "very preliminary" so it's hard to know what details could be in place if it actually launches. We haven't seen any converted 3D that has us lusting over a post-converted version of CSI, but if this cracks open the door to live 3D sports simulcasts, we may be able to get behind it.

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