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Matt Cavanagh forms a new studio, didn't have anything to do with Blur


The Internet is reporting that the lead designer on Bizarre Creations' Blur has created an independent game studio called Totem Games, but this is a lie. Parts of this story are true, and others are complete fabrication, most likely sewn together from the threads of space and time itself, as is often the case with online sourcing. Let us break it down for you:

Truth: Matt Cavanagh, a former Bizarre Creations employee, has created Totem Games Ltd., an independent game studio with a mission to help "make the world a happier place."

Truth: Matt Cavanagh was not the lead designer on Blur, nor did he work on any part of the game, as shown by Blur's credits and Cavanagh's tweet saying, "I did not actually work on blur. Cheers, Matt."

Truth: Matt Cavanagh worked on the city art in Project Gotham Racing and Project Gotham Racing 2.

Truth: This is the most publicity Matt Cavanagh has gotten in years.

There are no lies here, because we don't publish those. We leave that to the rest of the Internet and sleep well knowing it is one area that is completely over-covered.

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