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Japanese hardware sales, June 27 - July 3: Adapted for the silver-screen edition

Jordan Mallory

Hearing that they're making a Space Invaders movie got us thinking: What other franchises have yet to be tapped by Hollywood's finest? What potential treasures are theater-goers everywhere missing out on? We're too impatient to wait around for Hollywood to figure all this stuff out, so we decided to do the heavy lifting ourselves and come up the next trillion-dollar game-to-movie adaptation. You can thank us later, Spielberg.
Pete is just an average, part-time line-chef at a local diner, until a chance encounter with an irradiated batch of cooking grease gives him the ability to momentarily travel backwards and forwards in time. As news spreads through the culinary world of his incredible ability to prepare massive, multi-course meals in mere seconds, an insidious plot to enslave his power unfolds. Now, Pete is locked in a race against time, to save the woman he loves... and the very world itself. BurgerTime. The clock is ticking. Summer 2012.

- 3DS: 30,233 [UP] 2,328 (8.34%)
- PSP: 29,871 [UP] 703 (2.41%)
- PS3: 26441 [UP] 9,448 (55.60%)
- Wii: 12,423 [UP] 2,919 (30.62%)
- DSi LL: 4,963 [UP] 60 (1.22%)
- DSi: 4,504 [UP] 1 (0.02%)
- Xbox 360: 2,244 [UP] 92 (4.28%)
- PS2: 1,222 [DOWN] 110 (8.26%)
- DS Lite: 138 [UP] 4 (2.99%)
- PSP Go: 7 [DOWN] 14 (66.67%)

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