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One Shots: Introducing Slappy

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

We're finishing off pet week on a fun and silly note thanks to Massively reader Leonatus:
Hi there, my name is Leonatus, and the featured screenshots is about one of the coolest pets ever created: Slappy the Cool from Vanguard's Isle of Dawn!

Adventuring in Telon can be undoubtedly stressful: Always on the brink of death, killing hordes of mobs only to see their spots replaced by their amazingly similar cousins some five minutes later.

Hobgoblins life is no better though, but they sure know how to party! And if you're patient enough, with just a little diplomacy they will let you attend to the shows of their funkiest star. As the old orcish saying goes: "if James Brown was an hobgoblin, his name would be Slappy the Cool".
Are you ready for next week's One Shots theme? We've seen your gear, your mounts, and your pets; now it's time to see you! Snap a screenshot of your favorite character in your favorite MMO. Let us know about him or her by sending the screenshot, your name, and some information about the character to, and we'll feature the character here on One Shots!

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