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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me watch Amazon videos on my TV


Dear Aunt TUAW,

Checking out your apps, you have some major talent, thanks for sharing. I know you probably get a gazillion requests, but one feature that would be incredible that I can't find anywhere is the ability to 'stream' Amazon Instant Videos to the AppleTV. I have these free movies since I pay for an Amazon Prime membership but have no way to view them on my TV. I would gladly pay to see such functionality. Do you have any ideas or know anyway to do this?

Your loving nephew,

Chris W

Dear Chris,

Auntie's going to go all practical on you here. If you want your Apple TV to work just like a desktop system, consider just...buying a desktop system.

Connect a small Mac Mini or Win PC to the TV. Really. Older low-profile units are perfect for that. You can buy a used netbook for peanuts--or you may have an old system already lying around the house; many modern TVs accept VGA input. You can hook them up using either Ethernet or Wi-Fi and use any number of media center apps on either OS.

Use a simple VNC app like Chicken of the VNC to connect to and control your new TV media center or use it in reverse to mirror your laptop. Sometimes the most obvious solution really is a workable one.

Amazon's videos aren't exactly high-definition so be prepared for some fuzziness in your life. You can leave your Apple TV connected as well to take advantage of all that AirPlay yumminess.


Auntie T.

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