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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy coming from Electroplankton devs, features characters from I - XIII


The plot description for Square Enix's upcoming 3DS rhythm game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, goes beyond the regular "suspension of disbelief" requirements. According to the game's official site (as translated by Andriasang), "the space between the gods Chaos and Cosmos is known as 'rhythm,'" and as "the forces of chaos have disrupted the peace" the music-controlling crystal birthed by the aforementioned space ("Rhythm") is losing its luster. If that weren't enough, it seems that in order to return that shine "the music wave 'Ripzo' must be increased." Okay Square, you win! We give up!

In a related but significantly less confusing bit of news, the game is apparently being developed by indieszero, best known for its work on Electroplankton and Retro Game Challenge. Gameplay still hasn't been defined in the strictest sense, but it seems that players will be able to choose characters from Final Fantasy I through XIII in stages based on the baker's dozen of primary FF titles released over the past quarter century.

Each stage is said to be divided into three distinct pieces ("field," "event," and "battle") with three unique gameplay systems, though those systems have yet to be explained. Long time FF fans will be happy to hear that the four-person party system of past titles will return in Theatrhythm, and "major songs" from the series' history will accompany the gameplay. "The Sunleth Waterscape" from FFXIII and "One Winged Angel" from FFVII are specifically named, among several others.

Beyond that, well, there's a chibi Behemoth (seen above). We've dubbed him "Purpular," mostly because he's adorable, but also, ya know, he's purple.

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