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Final Fantasy XIV previews the newest instanced dungeon

Eliot Lefebvre

With a confirmed date finally in place for Final Fantasy XIV's patch 1.18, players are eagerly anticipating both the new content and the new changes to systems. The past several days have seen previews for system updates, but today players are being treated to a sneak peek at one of the new dungeons, including a short video detailing an excursion into the Dzemael Darkhold. And while the preview does feature a rather notable adversary at the end, it's hardly the only interesting element on display.

As with the earlier preview, the dungeon is hinted to have both Imperial forces and more primal ones working in concert to make the twisting passages more dangerous for adventurers. The Darkhold is the higher-level of the two dungeons, aimed at parties of eight at rank 40 and up. Final Fantasy XIV players should glance at the lore-filled preview as well as the video teaser, embedded just past the cut.

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