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SOE Fan Faire 2011: DCUO reveals new downloadable content: Fight for the Light

Karen Bryan

At SOE's Fan Faire this year, DCUO fans were treated to a look at the Fortress of Solitude, part of the new game update that's coming soon. But while the community address highlighted the fact that heroes and villains alike will work together to defeat Brainiac, it seemed that any news about the game would be the same thing fans had already heard and seen at E3.

Little did they know that there was much more on the way, because later this summer, DCUO will have its first download pack arriving on both the PC and PS3. Curious about what the new content will be? Put on your power rings and read below the cut!

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That's right, the first download pack will involve Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. Titled, "Fight for the Light," players can assist the Green Lantern Corps and have access to a new power set, Light, as well as brand new light-based particle weapons. According to the story, Green Lanterns are not common (there is only one per sector), but players will be able to help out as Reservist Lanterns, due to the immediate threat from Brainiac, and will be able to use Light Power to assist in the battle. As Game Director Mark Anderson explained, "Light Power" is a brand new set of abilities that allows players to use power rings to channel emotions (like will, fear, or rage) into constructs. The light powers come in the form of machine guns, chain saws, or even jets, and they are activated if a player is able to perform the correct combo. Anderson went on to say that Light powers play different from combat in game already. At launch, you unlock skills as you level.

When you activate one of these light power forms, you go into one of those modes and have to perform the special combos to unlock the ability. On top of that, you can chain them. So players can combine chainsaw that goes into a flurry of light whips, followed by boxing skills, depending on whether the players hit the correct combos. If you are level 30, you can respec and change your character to access this new power, or you can start over and select it from scratch. Heroes will get green-colored will power, while Villains will get yellow-colored fear. Overall, there are a total of 48 abilities using light power.

In addition to the new power, there are also three new pieces of content that tie in with the theme of the Green Lantern. Originally, the game launched with only earth-based content. With the arrival of the Green Lantern download pack, there are now three new areas available: S.T.A.R. Labs, Coast City, and Siencells Prison.

S.T.A.R. Labs is where Brainiac is siphoning the power of the Green Lantern Corps' rings, and players will join both Hal Jordan and Sinestro as they enter Brainiac's lab and restore the power of the rings.

In Hal Jordan's Coast City, players will encounter the Red Lantern Corps, who use the red power of rage to terrify those in the city. Players will even take on Atrocitus himself as they battle to save the city.

Lastly, players will get to travel to the Green Lantern Corp's home planet of Oa, where prisoners are housed at Sciencells Prison. You arrive during the middle of a prison break, and your participation in it is based on which side you have chosen. If you're a hero, you'll join Guy Gardner to stop the prison break, and if you're a Villain you'll join forces with Sinestro to help the break-out and free Lyssa Drak.

There will be many new items in game, including Green Lantern and Sinestro suits, as well as several Iconic Gear sets. Fans can look forward to seeing much more of these Light Powers at this year's Comic Con, and the pack can be purchased later this summer for $9.99.

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