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360 MacDev Conference registration now open


360|MacDev has opened up registration for its next Mac developer conference in Denver, Colorado. Originally, they had wanted to schedule something this year, but due to conflicts of various kinds, the date has been moved out to next February, in 2012. That's a ways away, but it'll just give you lots of time to prepare, right? The early registration fee is in effect until September 9 or until they sell through the first 50 tickets, so if you're set on going already, now's the time to sign up.

I haven't been to a 360|MacDev event, but we did visit the 360|iDev conference a while ago, and it was full of great information and networking around the iOS developer community. I'm sure the Mac side of things will be no different. And if you actually want to present at the show, you have that chance, too -- there's a Call for Papers out right now, so if you've got something interesting to share with the Mac community, let them know!

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