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Panasonic debuts UT-PB1 e-reader tablet, spices it with Android flavor (video)

Joe Pollicino

Listen up, bibliophiles. Current e-readers don't have enough pizazz for ya? Panasonic's Japan-bound prototype e-book reader tablet may just be your fancy. According to DigInfo, the UT-PB1 was recently shown-off at e-Book Expo Tokyo sporting a 7-inch 1024 x 600 display, micro SD slot, webcam, and WiFi, all running atop a dual-core processor. Being Android-based, there's confirmed support for basic apps like email, but it's hard to tell just how restricted customized the build will be. The reader will have 600 "previewable" titles to get you started, and Rakuten's e-book store will serve up content and real-time updates -- via a custom API -- in August when the service goes live. Panny's remaining coy about specific price and release details, but before you get back to that hardcover on your desk, head past the break to view it in action.

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