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Saints Row: The Third Platinum Pack will autotune you


"I want a new video game," the average consumer thinks, "but I also want to sound funny on the phone." THQ swoops in with a solution to this two-fold need, with the Saints Row: The Third Platinum Pack.

In addition to the game, a soundtrack, and the in-game "Professor Genki Hyper-Ordinary Pre-Order Pack" content, the set also includes a "custom molded Saints Row headset" with a vocoder voice processing feature "inspired by the premier pimp in Saints Row: The Third, Zimos" (who has had a tracheotomy, and speaks using an autotuned electronic voice box). Won't it be fun to annoy all your Xbox Live and PSN friends with your new robovoice?

No, it won't. The headphones are not compatible with Xbox Live or PSN, instead using a standard 3.5mm audio jack. You can totally use it on your smartphone, though.

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