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Star Trek PADD official app creates iPad fact from science fiction


As soon as the iPad came out, Star Trek: The Next Generation fans were comparing it to PADD, the touchscreen device used in the famous sci-fi television series. But now those comparisons have come to life: an official version of the Star Trek PADD is now available in the App Store as a full app. Not only does it recreate the famous LCARS graphic interface from the series, but it's chock full of official Star Trek information from the database, letting you know about all of the series' ships, characters, and timelines. You can follow links to browse through the content, read up-to-date information from the official Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even run "diagnostic modes" on the USS Enterprise (the NCC-1701-D, of course).

Very sweet app for Star Trek fans, available in the App Store right now for US $4.99. Just try not to cause any intergalactic incidents while messing around in the ship's databases -- Starfleet doesn't take kindly to anyone breaking the Prime Directive, accidentally or otherwise.

[via Los Angeles Times]

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