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Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite guild achievement?


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That's a Lot of Bait. It had been teasing us for weeks. I had the achievement tracker enabled for it, slowly watching the number creep upwards. The guild had spent one memorable evening (about three hours!) in Borean Tundra, half the group assigned to kill creatures and drop into the lake, thus creating blood pools, and the other half fishing out of them, racking up the numbers. We joked and chatted on Vent and in general had a wonderful time working together.

After that, people worked on their own to raise the numbers. Finally, sitting at about 9,500, the guild leader called together another raid group to get our butts back out to Borean and get the rest of the fish. With about 15 of us working together, we blasted out the remaining 500 fish in about 20 minutes.

We all know that fishing is notorious for being a mindnumbing profession (although archaeology may have knocked it into second place), but I loved the nights spent fishing with my guild -- great people who are funny and kind, working together to knock out that achievement and earn the recipe. It really felt like a team effort, and I was proud to have been a part of it.

Is there an achievement that really brought your guild together as a team?

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