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Exclusive community Q&A with the Elsword crew


The makers of the hyper-kinetic Elsword Online have made it their mission to sit down with the community and tackle the pressing questions of the day. In the first of an exclusive series here on Massively, Kill3rCombo devs respond to player questions about the fresh-faced title.

Q: How do the developers come up with new content? Do you guys sit around and throw out ideas? Or do you have certain developers come up with their own designs then present them to one another until everyone can agree on one thing?

A: There's a game design team within the development team that's responsible for planning and proposing game content. Often, one of the game designers will present his or her ideas to the team and get feedback to help refine the feature. They'll also freely discuss their ideas on our internal message board, a very similar tool to the forum. Every member of the development team has a chance to voice their ideas about new content they'd like to see or how to improve existing content.

We also have a team specially dedicated to developing Elsword for North America. The team updates the Korean Elsword content so it's tailored for North American gamers. Everyone on the team has a chance to offer ideas to create a more fun experience for players in North America.

Q: What is your priority for future updates?

A: We're updating many features this summer, all of which are extremely fun. In July we're adding two dungeons to the new village of Velder. However, the most anticipated feature is adding a second job class for Aisha. Then in August you'll get to meet a brand new character.

We're planning to provide updates for both characters and dungeons at the same time. We'll try our best to entertain the players in North America with big updates and numerous new events.

Q: About how many coffee and energy drinks do you guys drink a week?

A: Unfortunately there's so much caffeine in our veins, we aren't even allowed to donate blood. When we are busy with updates, the people who need to leave at midnight feel sorry for the team members who are still hard at work. Even though we don't get much sleep, watching players enjoying Elsword rejuvenates us instantly and makes the hard work worthwhile. Every player enjoying Elsword is like a boost of energy more potent than any energy drink.

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