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Child of Eden, other Ubi Kinect games for $30 at GameStop


If you let the recent $35 Child of Eden deal at Amazon pass you buy, you made what is, in retrospect, a shrewd move, because now you can get it for $30.

The discount is part of a Kinect sale going on at GameStop through July 20, which brings four other Ubisoft Kinect games down to $30, including Your Shape and Michael Jackson: The Experience.

If you're just shrugging your shoulders at this sale because you don't have a Kinect (and therefore your shoulder shrug doesn't register as an in-game movement), GameStop also has an offer for you: a $25 GameStop gift card with purchase of the sensor. Now, if only there were something you could put that $25 towards ... oh, wait!

[Thanks, Steve.]

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