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iPhone case has cross-stitched back


A confession: For a short time as a kid, I was actually into cross stitching. Not that far into it, but I did enjoy the routine that turned into art, the pattern-following that, when combined with the right thread or yarn and the correct stitches, turned into a nice piece of handmade art. That's probably why I like this iPhone case so much -- it's a case that has a part on the back you can cross-stitch into, allowing you to put together your own pattern.

The pink probably isn't something I'd go for, but the case comes in a few different colors, and you can choose whatever pattern you'd like for yourself. The price is in British pounds, but it comes to about US $28 after conversion -- not cheap, but then again, this is a one of a kind case you'd be making, something no one else would have. I like the idea a lot; maybe it would be a good way for me to rediscover my old cross-stitching talents.

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