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Lion-ready apps start showing up in Mac App Store


Earlier this week, Apple announced that developers should start submitting their Lion-ready apps to the Mac App Store. While Lion itself has been a no-show despite rampant speculation that it would launch today, Lion-ready third-party applications are starting to show up. OS X Daily spotted at least one app, WordCrasher, that's been updated with Lion compatibility, and MacStories found three more.

App updates have included support for several Lion features, including full-screen mode, new Multi-Touch gestures, and support for Versions and Resume. Apple issued updates for several of its own apps earlier this week, including the entire iLife '11 suite and Aperture.

While Lion was widely expected to launch today, current speculation points to next week as a more likely target. The "delay" (if you want to call it that, as no official launch date other than "July" was ever given) will be beneficial to developers, who will have more time to get their applications Lion-ready before the public launch.

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