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NCsoft announces Aion patch 2.6


NCSoft has announced that Aion will be seeing its newest content update early next month. Patch 2.6 will be hitting the test servers on July 28th for a short trial-by-fire before being released on the live servers on August 3rd.

What will this patch entail, exactly? For starters, solo players will be treated to some new content in the form of the Crucible Challenge, which is a solo version of the Empyrean Crucible instance, now with a bonus round! A few instances are seeing some difficulty adjustments (namely Dark Poeta, Empyrean Crucible, and Beshmundir Temple), while these instances and more will be updated with an auto party-matching system. New conditioning stones will allow players to enhance their gear even further, and a new pet -- the Runaway Poppy -- will give its owners a chance at some extra Platinum Medals. And lastly, to whet your appetites while you wait for more information, we have a few new screenshots from the patch that can be seen in the gallery below!

Gallery: Aion patch 2.6 | 4 Photos

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