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Samsung Galaxy S II may be destined for Bell July 21st for $150

Brad Molen

Time to break out the peanut butter and syrup, folks, because Bell is waffling. The Canadian mobile provider looked all set for a July 21st launch of the highly-coveted Samsung Galaxy S II, according to a listing on Best Buy Canada, but the page has unfortunately been pulled. When it was live, the galactic sequel was priced for $150 with three-year commitment, and if that were true it would make Bell the first North American carrier to offer the hot-selling Android device -- though it certainly won't be the last. Was the page taken down at Bell's request to allow it the chance to formally announce the device? Has it been delayed? Or, was it just wrong? While we're guessing it's the first possibility -- it is, certainly, a flagship phone that deserves some fanfare -- we'll toss a quarter in the wishing well in hopes that our dreams come true next Thursday.

Update: Best Buy Canada reinstated the page, but nudged the price up to $170. Thanks a lot.

Update 2: Well, will you look at that? Bell's gone and made it official. The carrier will indeed get the Galaxy S II on July 21st. Think it's too good to be true? Check the Bell source link.

[Thanks, idimdb]

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