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Aliens: Infestation is a side-scrolling action game


Aliens: Infestation, the long-gestating xenomorph game for the Nintendo DS, has been rated by the ESRB. The classification board describes the teen-rated title as an action game, in which "players run and jump through side-scrolling levels, they use rifles, pistols, flamethrowers, and explosives to kill enemy soldiers and aliens (i.e., 'xenomorphs')." There are also the obligatory scenes of chest bursting and some "briefly exposed" male buttocks in a locker room. That one's less obligatory, but still edgy.

Infestation, which has still not been officially announced by Sega, must be close to exploding out of the company's marketing abdomen by now. After a long period of silence, the game was classified by the Australians in May, with WayForward Technologies (Bloodrayne: Betrayal, A Boy and His Blob) indicated as developer.

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