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Allods Online's Rise of the Gods patch now live

Jef Reahard

It's patch day for Allods Online, and gPotato's free-to-play fantasy epic is sporting quite a few revisions. The Rise of the Gods release (version if you're counting at home) includes new high-level zones, increased challenge via the third Astral layer (as well as some ship navigation tweaks), more vanity items, and a new reincarnation system.

This last bit caught our interest as it allows high-level Allods players to create a second character that shares all of the original character's item shop goodies. Both toons also have access to the same Astral ships, gold, and a few other trinkets according to gPotato's latest press release, and the mechanic offers a new spin on the traditional alt-creation pastime. Read all about it via the patch notes.

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