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Bone comic now available on Comixology


Jeff Smith's Bone comic is one of my favorite series ever -- it skillfully combines an epic fantasy story with some hilarious cartoon characters, making for a really solid tale that will appeal to all kinds of readers. And now the series is fully available in a digital format for the first time, thanks to iOS app developer Comixology.

Comixology has been making a lot of great deals on their Comics app, and this Bone deal, selling all 55 issues of the series for just a buck each, is one of the better ones they've made lately. The first issue of the series is also up for a free download, and another series by creator Jeff Smith called Rasl is also available, with the first issue for free, and subsequent issues on sale until July 19th.

We knew a lot time ago that comics on the iPad would be one of the tablet's greatest assets, and the Comixology app has a lot of great funnies to read, from all kinds of different publishers. The app is free on the App Store right now.

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