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WoW Moviewatch: How to Tell If Your PUG Will Fail


How to Tell If Your PUG Will Fail is the newest video from Wowcrendor. While the title makes the video sound like a guide to the success or failure of your PUG, it actually feels more like the comprehensive guide to the first 5 minutes of any given PUG.

Wowcrendor has nailed the universal experience PUG experience with this video. That probably shouldn't be a surprise, given his history of success, but I was almost shocked at how accurate this portrayal turned out to be.

If you're skeptical, let me assure you these things do happen. During a recent run of about 10 PUG groups, I came across two healers who were actually DPSers. They both asked someone else to heal. I hear the same thing happens with tanks, but since that's my preferred dungeon role, I never observe this myself.

In the end, this is a nice video from Wowcrendor. I just can't decide if it makes me want to laugh or cry.
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