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The Binding of Isaac bound for Steam this August, new screens bound for right now

Jordan Mallory

Team Meat's Edmund McMillen just loosed a few more details and screenshots for his recently announced rougelike The Binding of Isaac. McMillen had previously hinted that Isaac would take some of its design cues from his "favorite game of all time," and judging by these screens, he wasn't kidding.

Isaac will be a mix between roguelikes, twin-stick shooters of yore, and The Legend of Zelda. The player uses Robotron-esque controls to navigate randomly generated dungeons in a "semi RPG world" littered with power-ups and items. These items have replaced a traditional leveling system according to McMillen, and as your character progresses they will "change into a monstrous powerhouse not only in stats and abilities but also in appearance."

In its current iteration, the game spans "3 chapters, 6 bosses, 36 enemy types, 4 unlockable characters and tons of dynamic happenings," however the team hopes to push those figures even higher before the game hits Steam this August. While no price-point has been set, McMillen maintains that it won't break the bank.

Oh! And there are flies that poop blood at you. Sounds about right.

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