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More layoffs hit UTV Ignition Entertainment

Justin McElroy

Good news is tough to come by for UTV Ignition.

In just the last few weeks, the company has ceased internal development, had to delay one of its biggest titles and (according to rumors) re-canceled WarDevil after recently resurrecting it. Today Gamasutra reports that the company has laid off some portion of its True Games studio, the house behind the Faxion Online MMO.

Exactly what portion of the studio is being laid off is a matter of some debate. While Ignition claims it's "a fraction" of the studio's workforce, Gamasutra's source says it's a majority of the staff. Yes, majority is technically a fraction, but still ... that's quite a stretch. Here's hoping we'll have a clearer picture of the landscape soon and that those affected land on their feet.

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