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My top 3 apps: Rod Roddenberry


Just a couple of weeks ago we saw the final Space Shuttle launch and all episodes of Star Trek the original series, Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise become available via streaming on Netflix. Earlier today our daily Mac app was Time, a clock which simulates the LCARS interface on your Mac. Oh, and last week we saw CBS Interactive introduce a PADD Trek database app.

Continuing this Star Trek theme, here are Rod Roddenberry's top 3 iOS apps. Rod is the son of Star Trek's creator, Gene Roddenberry. We ran into Rod at Macworld Expo and discovered he's new to the Apple side of the force, so it's cool to hear what apps he uses. The last one, Heytell reminds me of the communicator from Star Trek if you had to account for the delay from messages sent long distances via subspace. And we all know how bad AT&T's coverage is near Rigel IV.

Rod's top 3 apps are:

iTeleport (iPad)

GV Connect


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