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BlackBerry PlayBook update brings zip extraction, more storage options for attachments (updated)


RIM sure is working fast to bring its 500,000-strong BlackBerry Playbooks up to functional par. The tablet's been on the market for three short months and is already set to receive its fourth software update. This go 'round, RIM added the ability to save attachments to a removable SD card or your phone's internal storage, extract zip files from email (although you'll have to use Bridge and port from your BlackBerry smartphone), a pinch-to-zoom feature for video viewing and -- winner of the duh award -- portrait viewing for photos. Also, the software now supports 15 additional languages -- great news if you speak Galician. If you're planning on picking up this QNX tab, you'll receive the v1.0.7 update as part of the setup process. Current owners can wait for an update notification, or just pull it manually. So, what are you waiting for? Get downloading.

Update: And it's gone. Seems some folks who downloaded the update were having connectivity issues using BlackBerry Bridge. RIM posted on Twitter saying users should expect a fix later this week.

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