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ITC rules for Kodak in Apple patent infringement complaint


The ITC handed down its final judgment in a patent infringement case Apple filed against Kodak. In a setback for Apple, the panel let the initial decision stand and ruled in favor of Kodak.

On May 12, ITC Judge Robert Rogers found one of Apple's patents was invalid and that Kodak did not violate the other two cited in the complaint. The Apple patents in this case focused on image processing in cameras. One described a method for a camera to process two images at the same time, while the other lets users simultaneously adjust multiple settings like balance, color, sharpness and resolution.

Apple's legal battle with Kodak is not over. The Cupertino company also faces an ITC complaint filed by Kodak. This complaint was filed against Apple and RIM and accuses the two companies of violating several camera patents held by Kodak.

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