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Namco Bandai leading boxed retail sales in Japan for 2011 (thus far)


Namco Bandai is leading the pack in boxed retail software revenues in Japan, according to a surprising report in Japanese gaming mag Famitsu. Topping the likes of Nintendo, Square Enix, and Sony Computer Entertainment, Namco Bandai (known as Bandai Namco in Japan, where Bandai is king) is finding success with giant robots -- namely, Super Robot Wars Z 2, a PSP strategy game that sold well in April, and Ore no Imōto, a PSP adventure game.

Second and third place are occupied by Nintendo and Square Enix, respectively, with the former representing 15.5 percent of Japanese software revenues and the latter taking 8.2 percent (a massive decline for both companies compared with last year). Meanwhile, Sony Computer Entertainment and Spike make up the bottom of the list, likely due to their total lack of games about super robots and the wars that said super robots continue to fight.

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