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Neil Burger starting from scratch with Uncharted movie


Let's just move past the first draft of the Uncharted movie, shall we? We'll forget any jabs about a family of justice-dealing art thieves we might have prepared. We've no quarrel with former Uncharted director David O. Russell. We'll even put The Fighter in the ol' Joystiq DVD queue right now.

Now, having said that, Neil Burger seems to be on the right track with the new adaptation of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The director told Collider that he's just signed on to the project, and is rewriting the whole script. Like all the best Burger art, he said it's being made "from scratch."

He added that he likes the game's characters, noting that he knows men like Nathan Drake (so do we), "guys that are living in a very different way and who are slightly hustlers or con-men." He also noted that he would pull as many of the big moments from the game as possible, so long as they "work into the film's story."

"I just think you have to make the best movie you can," said Burger, "Something like Indiana Jones was updating 1930′s B-movies." Yes, Neil. Yes.

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