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One Shots: And the rocket's red glare

Shawn Schuster

I searched high and low for an old Tabula Rasa screenshot for my turn at the One Shots helm today, but hooking up old hard drives did not sound like a fun morning to me. So I've decided to show off my new bazooka (that I'm borrowing from the clan) on my Fallen Earth character, Ampersand.

I'm a huge fan of the guns in Fallen Earth, and this Omega Arms Valkyrie will literally blast your face off. It looks a bit odd on a scrap-armored CHOTA, but I'm willing to break immersion to melt some faces.

All this week, we Massively writers are spotlighting some of our personal favorite One Shots. What exciting stories revolve around our screenshots? Stay tuned to find out. Next week, after staff picks week, will be free-for-all week for you, our readers. Send any eye-catching, beautiful, scary, or generally epic screenshot to, and we'll pick the best of the best for next week's One Shots!

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